My Two Secrets to a Beautiful Home

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This post is mostly meant for people on a tight budget. If you have unlimited funds, then your decisions regarding the décor of your home may be completely different and understandably so! However, there should be no shame in being on a tight budget.

You can still have a beautiful, comfortable home! Read on for my two top secrets.

I think I may have gotten my desire to decorate, but yet in a thrifty manner, from my maternal grandmother. Although she and my grandfather never had much money at all, I loved being in their home, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful and cozy!

It was a very modest home built in the 40′s, probably about 1000 square feet. Mostly what they had in their home had either been inherited, given to them as a gift, made themselves, or purchased periodically as they could afford. They would update something as their budget would allow, such as the flooring, or making repairs, but they certainly never used credit to do these things.

My grandmother kept her home very neat and tidy, both inside and out. Everything had it’s place. She had a natural knack for decorating.

Although she rarely bought anything new for her home, she knew how to create beautiful vignettes, and how to decoratively balance a room just using what she had. She was also crafty from time to time. She made every single decoration for her Christmas tree, and it was spectacular!

I would consider my grandmother’s house like a little doll house. It was modest, but perfect, and so very comfortable and functional! Isn’t that what we all strive for in our homes?

I have taken a great lesson from my grandparents. I have wanted new flooring and countertops in my home for a few years now. Although we could go to Lowes or another home store to take advantage of interest free credit for a time period, we are choosing to wait until we have the cash up front to update our floors and countertops.

By the way, we haven’t always lived this responsibly. It is because of past mistakes that we now choose to live in a way where if we can’t pay cash, then we don’t buy it. We may not have everything we want at once, but it is just a thousand times sweeter when we are finally able to purchase it.

Don’t take offense if you purchase things on credit. I am not judging. I absolutely believe that if you use credit responsibly that there is nothing at all wrong with purchasing on credit.

It is just that based on our own personal experience, my husband and I have found that we are much happier and less stressed if the only things we purchase on credit are our home and a car. I wish we didn’t even have to purchase those on credit…maybe someday!

Regardless of whether I have the floors or countertops I want, my home is still beautiful and cozy to my family and me, and hopefully to others who enter it. Like my grandmother, it is filled with things inherited, things I have been given as a gift, things I have made, and a few things I have purchased periodically as I can afford them.

It is all about (#1) creating a neat and tidy environment, and (#2) one that is aesthetically balanced. Those are my two most important tips to creating a beautiful home, not filling it with the latest store bought trends. Take pride in what you already have and make it work for you!

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