Painted Bottles Ideas

Need a good gift idea for someone? What about personalizing a bottle of something that fits their personality by painting the bottle with a festive theme? Perhaps they like to cook…so maybe a bottle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar.

Maybe they keep a liquor cabinet, so a bottle of whiskey or mixer would be fitting. Wine connoisseurs would appreciated a painted bottle of wine.

A friend of mine gave my husband and me a painted bottle of Maker’s Mark last year, and I thought it was so adorable, so I stole her idea this year and painted one of my own. Trust me, if I can do this, ANYONE can! I am NO artist. These examples of painted bottles I am going to show you are very simple to do.

bottles Painted Bottles for Christmas

Here is a bottle of Maker’s Mark.
makers mark Painted Bottles for Christmas

All you need is some acrylic paint, various small sizes of paint brushes,
and a Sharpie. I happen to have a ton of acrylic paints, but if you have to go buy them at a craft store, you only need a few colors. You can also buy a package of various sizes of small paint brushes for a small price. These items can be used for so many crafts in the future!
acrylic paints Painted Bottles for Christmas

I used a Sharpie for the details on the Santa’s face. I just felt it was easier than a paint brush.
sharpie Painted Bottles for Christmas

Here are two more of my painted bottle projects. A monkey could do these.
painted bottles2 Painted Bottles for Christmas

One is from an olive oil bottle and the other from a bottle of cocktail mix.
olive oil Painted Bottles for Christmas
cocktail Painted Bottles for Christmas

Here is another great yet simple DIY painted bottle I found online at
The Shabby Owl. This one is from a wine bottle. Not only can you give it as a gift, you could also put Christmas lights in an empty painted bottle for a great decoration!
97f1603c0380fe889e571de5f47e63a3 Painted Bottles for Christmas

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