Modern DIY Christmas Tree

I was walking through Crate & Barrel and saw some unusual table top Christmas trees with a very modern flare. I immediately thought of my mother. She is single and has very modern décor in her home.

She doesn’t like to put up a full size Christmas tree since we celebrate Christmas at my house, but she likes to display at least some Christmas spirit. I just knew I could create a table top modern Christmas tree for my mother with the ones from Crate & Barrel as my inspiration.

Here are the ones from Crate & Barrel:
BeFunky cratebarrel.jpg Modern DIY Christmas Tree

Here is the one I created and by the way, for about $7.00. Can you believe that?
BeFunky DSCN0289.jpg 1024x901 Modern DIY Christmas Tree

So here is how I did it. I bought a wooden easel from Hobby Lobby for the A-frame. It was 30% off of $4.99. Actually, at first I thought I would make the wooden A-frame myself, so when I saw this easel I was excited that I wouldn’t have to make any cuts!!!

You know why…because I would actually be begging my husband to make the cuts, and now I didn’t have to!

I thought I took a picture of the easel beforehand, but I guess I did not because I can’t find it. Anyway, you know what an easel looks like.

All the pieces were held together by wing nuts, so it was simple to take off the wooden dowel that it leans on and also adjust the A-frame to the size I wanted. Here is a picture of an easel I found online that is similar to the one I bought, and you can see the wing nut at the top.
752147 Modern DIY Christmas Tree

For the metal rods, I bought a garage sign holder at Lowes for .88 cents.
DSCN0276 1024x768 Modern DIY Christmas Tree

Unfortunately, I did have to ask my hubby to make the cuts for this. He even went the extra mile and did all the measuring, cutting, and drilling of holes in the A-frame for me. He did an awesome job! Thanks hubby!
DSCN0279 1024x768 Modern DIY Christmas Tree
DSCN0278 1024x768 Modern DIY Christmas Tree

I would tell you all the measurements my husband used but it wouldn’t do any good because it depends on the size ornaments you are going to put on the rods. I just used three rows of metal rods to hang the ornaments because I used some long ornaments, but if you are using all shorter ornaments, you could fit more rows of metal rods.

My ornaments came from the dollar store, but you could use ornaments you already have as well. I simply slipped them on the metal rods and put the rods in the holes my husband drilled.

At the top of the A-frame, I took out the wing nut and screwed the wood pieces together with a screw. I did not want the wing nut poking out to the side.

Once again my final product. It looks great on my mother’s mantel!
BeFunky DSCN02891.jpg1 1024x901 Modern DIY Christmas Tree

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