Kitchen Updates for Under $150

kitchenupdates Kitchen Updates for Under $150

Kitchens are the hub of the home. It seems like kitchens are just the natural gathering place, so it makes sense that we should give them special attention to make them appealing and comfortable.

Kitchens can also be one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, so if you are like me and don’t have tens of thousands of extra dollars to spend on kitchen renovations, there are still some impactful updates you can make inexpensively.

If it is not in your budget to buy new countertops, cabinets, flooring, or appliances, you can still make your kitchen beautiful with a few of these suggestions.

1. Paint! A gallon of $40 paint can go a long way! Consider not only giving your walls a fresh coat, but your cabinets as well. White cabinets can make a small space look larger, fresh, and new!
If you have an island, consider painting it a different color from the rest of your cabinetry. Maybe chocolate brown, black, or a beautiful blue or green. If you have barstools or an outdated breakfast table and chairs, think about painting them as well!
lighting 7 Kitchen Updates for Under $150
Photo Source: My Sweet Savannah2.
Remove a couple of your upper cabinet doors for open shelving. I know, I know, then you have to keep things neat and tidy, but open shelving really opens up a kitchen space and when staged well, adds beautiful interest!
Open Storage Ideas kitchen design 2012 4 Kitchen Updates for Under $150
Photo Source: Furniture4world
3. Update your hardware. What a simple way to make a huge difference! Be sure the finish you choose will blend with the rest of your finishes like in your lighting, door knobs, and faucet.

4. Update your lighting. You can find very beautiful and affordable pendant lighting at home improvement stores. Shop discount stores for a great new light fixture above your breakfast table. If you are willing to try a DIY lighting project, click here for some great examples.

farmhouse kitchen Kitchen Updates for Under $150
Farmhouse Kitchen by Chicago Kitchen & Bath Designers Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

5. Add a new splash of color with some new accessories, window treatments, or breakfast table runner.
DP Tobi Fairley Kitchen Window Treatments s3x4 lg Kitchen Updates for Under $150
Photo Source: HGTV

6. Add a new rug. Find a great rug for your breakfast area, or a runner in the kitchen area. You can find some great rugs under $150 at discount stores like Home Goods, Marshall’s, Ross, or Target. If you are a DIYer, click here for great examples of some DIY rugs.

7. Bring in some fresh flowers or greenery. A beautiful container of fresh flowers on your breakfast table, countertop, or island can really liven up your space.
101672000.jpg.rendition.largest Kitchen Updates for Under $150
Photo Source: BHG

8. Use a bowl or hurricane vase with fresh fruit. This makes beautiful décor for a kitchen and also brings in great color.
02 DH2012 Kitchen Countertop 3x4 lg Kitchen Updates for Under $150
Photo Source: HGTV

9. Clean, organize, clear your countertops, and clear your refrigerator from pictures and magnets. Less is more on your countertops and on your refrigerator.

10. Install a great new faucet to blend with your other hardware finishes!
delta savile Kitchen Updates for Under $150
Photo Source: Lowes

11. Update your artwork. Find some great artwork for your breakfast area. Discount shops like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, or Kirkland’s have beautiful, affordable artwork, or try framing some of your own photography, or try one of the DIY artwork projects here.

12. Update your backsplash. Some tile and stone backsplashes can get expensive, but you can actually find tile or bead board to use as a very affordable backsplash. This can completely transform the look of your kitchen.

traditional kitchen Kitchen Updates for Under $150
Traditional Kitchen by Libertyville Design-Build Firms Great Rooms Designers & Builders

These updates are all ones that I have tried and can attest to their ease and the positive impact that they make in a kitchen. Here are a couple more suggestions that I personally have never tried, but they sound like a great idea, so they may be worth investigating:

1. Paint your appliances or use stainless appliance panels. If you are sick of your outdated, mismatched appliances, try appliance paint for a stainless steel look.
paint top and sides first thumb 440x330 13802 Kitchen Updates for Under $150

2. Paint your countertops. I wouldn’t try this unless your countertops are offensive. If your countertops are a neutral color in pretty good condition, I think other affordable updates will transform the look of your kitchen without having to do anything to your countertops. However, if your countertops are stuck in the 70′s or worse, you may want to give countertop paint a try. What do you have to loose, really?
Transform Kitchen Countertops Kitchen Updates for Under $150


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