How to Create Balance in a Room

If you read my two secrets to a beautiful home you know that one of them is creating the proper balance in a room. A well-balanced room feels comfortable to the eyes.

When you enter a well-balanced room, your eyes don’t get stuck on one or two things, but it takes the room in as a whole and you feel at ease.

Balance is the yin and yang of a room. Think of your room as a see-saw. If you have a large, dark piece of furniture on one end, you need to balance the heaviness of that on the opposite end of the room.

That does not mean you necessarily need another large piece of dark furniture on the other end, you may balance it with a large piece of artwork or a furniture grouping.
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Candice Olson

Also keep in mind the balance of tones. You don’t want mostly dark items on one end of the room and then light colored items on the other end. Spread them out evenly around the room.

Balance the color in a room as well. Choose two or three predominate colors to use in a room and spread them out evenly around the room. Use the rule of three when introducing a new color. Use it at least three times evenly around the room. Take that balanced feel even further and repeat colors in adjoining rooms.
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Candice Olson

Don’t neglect balancing your textures in a room. Balance rough and soft, old and new, shiny and dull, etc. For more tips on using texture in your space read here.

Use a combination of large and small items. If you are creating a vignette of small collectables, balance them with a larger piece as well.

If you have small artwork, make a collage of them to give them a larger appearance instead of spreading out each small piece. However, you do want wall art evenly spread around a room. So you may have a collage of small pieces on one wall and then a single piece of large artwork on another. Don’t forget to give your eyes resting places.
tommy smythe living room How to Create Balance in a Room
Tommy Smythe

As I expressed in my two secrets to a beautiful home, balance is one of the most important. The great thing about balance is that it can be created using what you already own.

Arrange and re-arrange. Play with the balance until it feels right to you and your family. Be happy in your space!

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