Celebrate a Low-Cost, Family Style New Year’s Eve

When you think of New Year’s Eve celebrations, you typically picture big fancy parties with drinks and champagne toasts. But what if you have young children? There have been times my family has just had a quiet night at home, maybe eating dinner with some family members or friends, but no big celebration.

Recent years, however, I have given a lot of thought to the fact that after the excitement of Christmas celebrations is over, we should have something else exciting to look forward to. If you are like us, after the expense of Christmas, you have to be conservative for a few months, but family-style New Year’s celebrations can be every bit as much fun as Christmas for children as well as adults, but also inexpensive. Here are some great ideas for a low-cost family-style New Year’s celebration!

1. Invite a few close family and friends over and have everyone bring an appetizer, drink, a game to play, and a sleeping bag.

2. Build a campfire outside for kids to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.
campfire002 Celebrate a Low Cost, Family Style New Years Eve
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3. Play games of all sorts.

4. Provide slips of paper for everyone to write down their favorite memory of the year. Later in the night, gather around the campfire and read the memories. This makes great conversation starters!

5. Set up a large chalkboard or whiteboard for everyone to write their biggest goals for the new year.
resolutions Celebrate a Low Cost, Family Style New Years Eve
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6. If allowed in your town, or if you live outside of city limits, do fireworks! If everyone that comes to the party brings a few, it is not so expensive.

7. Have a slumber party. People can crash everywhere. Beds, sofas, and the floor. Kids LOVE this!
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8. The next morning, send someone on an errand to the donut shop. Brew coffee and have juice and donuts before everyone departs.

What a fun, safe, inexpensive way to start the New Year!

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